Can Googlebot read QR codes?

QR codeI uploaded this QR code to my Flickr stream today. It points to a web address that’s not published anywhere (and absolutely nothing links to it) and contains a secret that should be pretty impossible to guess (try scanning the code to see what I mean). I have a small php script on that site to log visitors, the idea being that I can get some estimate of how many people actually recognize these QR codes at various locations.

I eagerly waited for the first hits. I waited some more. And then, 10 hours later, I got my first hit – from Googlebot!

So the question is, does google spy on my Internet traffic, or does googlebot read QR codes found on the web? Either way, it’s pretty interesting.

Basic Role Playing creature generator

I was glad to hear that also BRP players have found my creature generator useful. Originally meant as a tool for creating mythos creatures for Call of Cthulhu, I have now added some fantasy and science fiction creatures along with some animals in to the mix. Check it out:
If you have some stats you’d like included drop me a line or two and I’ll see what I can do.

Traditional Finnish mead

Finnish mead

Finnish mead, or “sima” as it is called locally, is a brew mostly connected with the Finnish Vappu (May Day) celebrations. Here’s my family’s ancient, secret recipe:


* 8 L water
* 1/2 kg sugar
* 1/2 kg brown sugar
* 1/4 teaspoon yeast
* 2 lemons


Wash the lemons and peel them lightly. You only want the yellow outer layer for now.

Boiling the lemon peels

Boil the lemon peels and the sugar in a sufficently large pot. Stir well and let cool.

Peeled lemons

Peel all the white stuff of the lemons. It gives a bitter taste so you don’t want it.

Some mean mead!

Add rest of the water and the sliced lemons. Add the yeast to the lukewarm water. Let the mead ferment for 24 hours. Strain the mead into bottles and add one teaspoon of sugar and a couple of raisins to each bottle, store in a cool place (a fridge will do). The mead is ready when the raisins rise to the top, usually after a week.

As an alternative, you could try 1/2kg sugar and one pot of honey (roughly 1/2 g). Try adding some oranges, grapefruit or lime. If you want more alcohol, simply add more sugar and let the mead ferment a bit longer.

The Finnish mead variety has a very low alcohol content, about 1%, so it’s a great drink for the whole family. Enjoy!

Mobbler – on S60

Mobbler, player for S60 This is just way cool. Listen to internet radio with Mobbler on S60 phones. Works great on Nokia N95. Looks good and sounds good. Seems to work just fine with both 3G and wlan. Amazing stuff!

I’m a sucker for and audioscrobbler. If you don’t know what can do for you go check it out immediately! If somebody asks me what I listen to I just tell them to check out my profile. Apparently I listen to Slayer more than any other band, which is kind of surprising. Maybe that’s because audioscrobbler keeps on recommending it. Vicious circle!

Call of Cthulhu Creature Generator

A while back I made this NPC generator for a Finnish role playing game called Praedor. I received pretty good feedback for it, so I decided to modify the same tool to generate random monsters for Call of Cthulhu as well. I thus present to you, the Call of Cthulhu Creature Generator:

Call of Cthulhu Creature Generator

It’s pretty cool. And it’s pretty simple. Choose the monster you want, click “generate” and it’ll roll out the creatures for you. You can also set the desired level in order to create above or below average creatures. It’s a shame I wasn’t the first the blog about it, beat me :) There’s some discussion about this tool also on the awesome yog-sothoth forum. Leave a comment below for any feedback or suggestions. I’m always open to new ideas, especially if they are easy to implement ;)

Curry Palace Indian restaurant

[flickrset id="72157608676502647" thumbnail="small" overlay="true" size="medium"]

Curry Palace Indian restaurant.

The owner, or somebody working here, came out asking why I was taking pictures of the restaurant. Well I find it almost rude that they should even ask that. As if it’s any of their business why I’m taking pictures of their restaurant. I explained that I enjoyed the food last night and would post a positive review of the restaurant on my blog and needed a picture for that. Judging by the smile that did the trick.

I’m not going to do a review. There are some reviews here (in Finnish) and here. All I will say is that the food is good, but the customer service has been lousy on several occasions (last night was a positive exception though). Also the bollywood music videos are a little disturbing, but add to the atmosphere I guess. Will definately eat here again.

Only great minds can read this?

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Tämähän on jo vanha vitsi, mutta vissiin kiertää nyt hullun lailla sähköpostiviestinä. Tämähän siis joten kuten toimii englanniksi, koska englanninkieliset sanat ovat suht lyhyitä. Tältä sivustolta löytyy sama teksti useilla muilla kielillä, myös suomeksi. Koska tämä aihe nyt sattui jostain syystä kiinnostamaan, päätin kokeilla miten YLE:n uutissyöte kääntyy perlin säännöllisten lausekkeitten avulla kirjainsopaksi, jossa siis ainoastaan sanan ensimmäinen ja viimeinen kirjain ovat oikealla paikalla. Saanen siis esitellä: YLE:n 24h uutiset lukihäiriöisille. Noh, eihän tuosta ota Erkkikään selvää, mutta joka tapauksessa hauska arvuutella mitä maailmalla mahdollisesti on tapahtunut.

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Say what?!?

About teh internets and stuff.