Call of Cthulhu Creature Generator

The Call of Cthulhu Creature Generator (CoCCG) is a tool intended to make the life of game masters a little easier by automating the task of generating random creatures and monsters for the Call of Cthulhu role playing game.

The level setting (Absolutely pathetic - Out of this world!) will influence the "toughness" of the generated creatures. A Absolutely pathetic level creature's attributes (STR, CON, SIZ etc.) will be rolled with four extra die, but the four best results will be left out. Likewise at the Out of this world! level four extra die will be rolled, but this time the four worst results will be left out. At the Out of this world! level the creatures will therefore on average be tougher than at other levels. Use the average level if you want creatures exactly as in the rule book. The attributes for most deities are static, which makes sense if you think about it. The deities of the mythos are thus included for reference only.

Information about sanity loss, spells, armor, weapons, attacks etc. for each type of creature might be added later.

The stats for the creatures are based on the CoC 6th edition rule book. There will be some mistakes. Use at your own risk :) Not happy with the results? Use your own dice...

Try the print preview option on your browser - the generated creatures will print out nicely.

The source code for this generator will be available here shortly when the stars are right.

For any feedback or suggestions, leave a comment here or email me at rantala dot lauri at gmail dot com.


24.9.2009 Added the option to download creatures as a tab-delimited text file and in Excel XML -format. I have not tested the Excel files with Microsoft's fine Excel software, but it works fine with Open Office.

9.9.2009 I was glad to hear that some BRP players also find this tool useful, so I added some fantasy and science fiction creatures from the Basic Role Playing 4th ed to the bag. You can now generate dwarfs, elfs, trolls, minotaurs, blobs and even giant robots!

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