Secrets of the Hebrew Alephbet!

PaleoModernNameNumeric valueSymbolSecret meanings
אAleph1Ox"force", "leader", "first", "dominion and unity of God", "God as Creator and King", "beginning", "God", "strong"
בBet2House, tent"household", "inside", "family", "blessing", "creation", "duality", "plurality", "house", "temple", "loving kindness", "in"
גGimmel3Camel"to raise", "pride", "gain", "mercy", "culmination", "gather", "walk"
דDalet4Door"road", "to enter", "dimension", "responsibility", "door"
הHe5Window"it", "to reveal", "divinity", "paganism", "definition", "breath of God", "look", "behold!"
וVav6Nail"and", "to fasten", "covenant", "fulfillment", "redemption", "change", "nail", "add", "secure", "hook"
זZayin7Weapon"cut", "erase", "spirit", "maintenance", "struggle", "endurance", "food", "cut", "nourish"
חChet8Fence"private", "to separate", "resurrection", "grace", "life", "wall", "outside", "divide", "half"
טTet9Snake"to encircle", "to wrap", "kindness", "snake", "good"
יYod10Fist"work", "deed", "to do", "creation", "metaphysical world"
כKaf20Palm"to cover", "to open", "to allow", "highest achievement"
לLamed30Staff"to govern", "authority", "language", "teaching", "learning", "meaning"
מMem40Water"liquid", "huge", "chaos", "hidden", "revealed", "Moses", "Messiah", "water", "sealed", "something"
נNun50Fish"activity", "life", "loyalty", "spirit", "emergence", "growingly"
סSamech60Support"to support", "to twist slowly", "to turn", "support", "protection", "memory", "God's presence"
עAyin70Eye"to see", "to experience", "revelation", "thought"
פPay80Mouth"to speak", "word", "to open", "speech", "silence", "mouth"
צTsade90Hook"to capture", "desire", "need", "righteousness", "humility"
קQof100Back of the head"behind", "last", "least", "holiness", "growth cycles"
רResh200Head"person", "head", "highest", "choice between greatness and impairment", "evil"
שShin300Tooth"to consume", "to devour", "to destroy", "to eat", "godly power", "manuscript", "corruption", "filling needs", "God's provision"
תTav400Sign"to seal", "to make a covenant", "truth", "perfection", "sign", "covenant"

The secret meanings of each hebrew letter are mostly from Petri Pelkonen's book "Heprean Aakkosten Salaisuus" which is translated "The Secret of the Hebrew Alephbet". I have made one or two additions to the meanings. For example I added the obvious "look" and "behold!" to He and the meanings of "something" for Mem and "growingly" for Nun as suggested by Joel Kiskola. There are many different meanings and many conflicting charts on the Internet. For example, says that gimmel is a foot, not a camel. Well, both represent walking. He is man pointing to something, not a window. Well, both indicate looking at something. Zayin is a mattock, an agricultural tool, not a weapon, as according to Pelkonen. Tet is a basket, not a snake, so it represents totally different things. Nun is a seed, not a fish, so it represents an heir, offspring etc. Samech is a thorn, not support, so the meanings are totally different. Both agree Ayin is an eye. Tsade is a trail, not a hook, so again, the meanings would be totally different. Qof is a picture of the sun at the horizon, not the back of the head. There are many other sites on the Internet and many different interpretations of the pictographs. That is no wonder, the pictographs are mostly just scribbles that can be interpreted a number of different ways.

To see why I think this whole method is rubbish, see this post.