Secrets of the Hebrew Alephbet!

א ב ג ד ה ו ז ח ט י כ ל מ נ ס ע פ צ ק ר ש ת

Word is: משיח Mem-Shin-Yod-Chet
The numeric value is: 358
It is divisible by: 2, 179
In Atbash the word is: יבמס
In Albam the word is: בישק
In Avgad the word is: נתכט
The pictographs have the meaning of: water (מ) :tooth (ש) :fist (י) :fence (ח) :
The secret meanings are: hidden (מ), godly power (ש), creation (י), grace (ח)
There are 2250 possible meanings.
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See this handy chart of all the meanings. This tool was made purely for educational purposes. You may use it to evaluate whether this Hebrew Word Pictures / Secrets of the Hebrew Alephbet method makes any sense. This script also shows the gematria of each word, which likewise can be interesting. Atbash, Albam and Avgad are kabbalistic methods of Temurah.
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- Lauri Rantala.